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Replacement Keys
It is very important in this day and age, to have a spare set of keys at home or with someone trustworthy- but with all that happens, most of us forget to get it done. This results in you being unable to enter your car when you’ve misplaced the key, without further assistance. We make brand new, 100% working replacements, each fitted to your own car. We offer the best services at reasonable rates, so you know who to trust when you’ve been locked out.

Our auto locksmith also carries all the equipment required to deal with broken keys. A jammed key in the lock can create more troubles than you can see. It is important to remove the key as safely and quickly as possible, to prevent further damage to the ignition and the lock, too. Do not apply excessive force in haste to remove the key, call our experts. We are qualified to handle these situations and will extract the key with no damage and cut you a replacement key on the spot.

Lost Keys
A lost key carries a weighty implication with it- what if it’s been stolen? The security of the vehicle and your own safety has been compromised until you can find the key. Lose the tension of this unknown key when you call us to help. It may seem like a drawn-out process, but don’t worry- we bring our expertise and customer satisfaction to the table when we deal with your car. Only making a replacement key is not enough- we make sure to reprogram the vehicle so as to prevent illegal entry later on.

Transponder Programming
We know the frustration that arises when you have a key that looks perfectly fine and yet refuses to work normally. This most likely means the transponder in your key has malfunctioned. We carry the necessary tools required to reprogram your key as well, to prevent your own vehicle from throwing you off-gear. In case a replacement is made for you, we will also attach a new chip in the key and program it accordingly, for added safety.

We know and understand the importance of time in your life, and hence endeavour to do our job as quickly as possible. But speed does not compromise on quality; we assure you that. We shall strive to provide absolute customer satisfaction, by driving to wherever you may be, and servicing your vehicle on location- so you can be reunited with your car as soon as possible. Don’t lose hope or panic - call the helpline above at any time. We will be pleased to assist you the best way we can.

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